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Convert A Character in TD Style
Pass your oc/TV Character in TD Style!
TD Characters with background
Drawing of the TD Characters with background! 
Max of characters: 8
Each Character more costs 10 points!
Drawings With Backgrounds!
A Simple drawing with Ocs and Backgrounds!
Depend the charaters that you want!
Background with 2 characters is 120!
10 More if add 1 charater more, and suscessive.
New/Remake Ocs!
Remake your Oc in my style or Create a completley New Oc for You!(Please, if it's a New Oc, Send all the charater's details per note♥)


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Here's Drawing Info♥
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OTPS! :heart:
Rigleen stamp by kuki4982
[Stamp] Starco Kiss by xXCheesePizzaXx
Dipper x Pacifica [STAMP] 1 by Rumay-Chian
Ladybug x ChatNoir 1 by Rumay-Chian
- Stamp: Steven x Connie. - by ChicaTH

Fave TD Characters!!!:heart:
Fan Button: TDRR-Emma by xxGaby-23xx
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TD Love Stamps!:heart:
SamxDakota Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
TDI LindsayxTyler Stamp by schwarzekatze4
TDA OwenxIzzy Stamp by schwarzekatze4
.:request:. GxB stamp by schwarzekatze4
We all saw THIS coming by schwarzekatze4
DevinxCarrie Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
KittyxMickey Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
EllaxTopher Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
TomxJen Stamp 4 by xxGaby-23xx
JacquesxJosee Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
BrodyxMacArthur stamp by xxGaby-23xx
NoahxEmma Kiss Stamp by xxGaby-23xx

Work Bitch! xD
MacArthur Twerk Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
MacArthur Twerk Dance stamp by xxGaby-23xx
MacArthur Twerk Stamp by xxGaby-23xx

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I'm Shy Stamp by allyalltheway I'm Crazy Stamp by allyalltheway I Love Soccer Stamp by SweetLhuna
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Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Support Love by Kohaku0827 Stamp: Live like its Heaven on Earth by Southrobin

Thanks for you visit!:D


Welcome Back costestants to :icontdweallstarscamp:!

 Let's Introduce the next challenge!:D (Big Grin)

This challenge is Based In the Episode 5 of TDROTI, Backstabbers Ahoy!

The challenge of today will be based in the episode 5 of tdorti. 

Heroic Raccoons by Artistic-Lights
Boat driver: Kristen - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Skiers (above): CJ - Mallory36 
Skiers (below): Isrrael - isrrael120  
Air Pump Inflators: Melody - WPammy, Paul - ValerieThePunkGirl
Seagull Shooter: Ed - Mllermanda 

Villainous Squirrels by Artistic-Lights
Boat driver: Darryl - iDarrylVids 
Skiers (above): Melania - creepypastajack 
Skiers (below): Dante - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Air Pump Inflators: Destiny - TDSuperFan, Ash - edwardmadera
Seagull Shooter: Jasmine - Stanishi 

Neutral Kangaroos by Artistic-Lights
Boat driver: Thorn - creepypastajack 
Skiers (above): Matilda - Liliyn 
Skiers (below): Victor - Yokxymat 
Air Pump Inflators: Areana - xLush-Lifex
Seagull Shooter: Mindy - isrrael120 

Rules for this challenge!

-Your teammates have to appear in!

-You can do a max of 10 images and min of 1.

-Try to be creative!

For better challenge info here is the Video of the Episode!:D (Big Grin)

Deadline: May 26th.

Remember Do the challenge!:D (Big Grin) 

Host Reference:  Autumn 2017 Ref by Artistic-Lights

-Bye♥ Good Luck!<3

NOTE: Do the challenge please!

Welcome Back to :icontdweallstarscamp:

Before Start the elimination, one contestant quit of the competition and the other is out for not doing challenges!

And They are Lilly and Jessica!

Sorry girls, both been eliminated!

That's why would not be an elimination!

But anyway here are the results!:

The Challenge Winners are:

Villainous Squirrels by Artistic-Lights

Villainous Squirrels!

Jasmine - Stanishi 
Melania - creepypastajack 
Ash - edwardmadera 
Darryl - iDarrylVids 
Matilda - Liliyn 
Mindy - isrrael120 
Victorio - Yokxymat 
Destiny - TDSuperFan 

I'm sorry to:

Heroic Raccoons by Artistic-Lights

Heroic Raccoons!


Areana - xLush-Lifex 
Thorn - creepypastajack 
Isrrael - isrrael120 
Kristen - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Ed - Mllermanda 
Melody - WPammy
Paul - ValerieThePunkGirl 
CJ - Mallory36 

But right now will be some changes in the teams...
I See that are heroes acting like villains and villains acting like heroes so....

Today will be a swap!:D

NOTE: Please don't offense if your character is changed, i just see that deserves ore beign in other team.

New Teams!

Heroic Raccoons by Artistic-Lights
Heroic Raccoons!

Kristen - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Melody - WPammy
Ed - Mllermanda 
Isrrael - isrrael120 
Paul - ValerieThePunkGirl 
CJ - Mallory36 

Villainous Squirrels by Artistic-Lights
Villainous Squirrels!

Destiny - TDSuperFan 
Dante - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Darryl - iDarrylVids 
Ash - edwardmadera 
Jasmine - Stanishi
  Melania - creepypastajack

Neutral Kangaroos by Artistic-Lights
Neutral Kangaroos!

Matilda - Liliyn 
Victor - Yokxymat 
Mindy - isrrael120 
Thorn - creepypastajack
Areana - xLush-Lifex 

Now we have new teams....

Prepare for the next challenge guys!^^

Good Luck!




- Pick 10 of your OC in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon.
- Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! Giggle


1. Victor
2. Destiny
3. Farrah
4. Bobby
5. Valentina
6. Wiogami
7. Ben
8. Eric
9. J.Q.
10. Kayla


1. How will [1] describe [6]?

How Will Victor describe Wiogami?

-She wants to be a rockstar, but she is a dumbass!

2. [5] and [4] were locked in a closet together. What does [10] see when he/she found them? 

Valentina and Bobby were Locked in a closed together. What does Kayla See when she found them?

Kayla: Let the party continue!

3. For whatever reason, [7] decides to kiss [2]. How does [2] react?

For whatever reason, Ben decides to kiss Destiny. How Does Destiny react?

Destiny: GTFO Ben!!!

4. [2] randomly walks in and sees [9] is at least half naked.

Destiny randomly walks in and sees J.Q. is at least half naked.

J.Q.: Wtf are you doing here?!?!?!?
Destiny: *embrasses* Sorry!*go away*

5. What is [3] theme song? Favorite food if [3] doesn’t have theme song.

What is Farrah theme song? Favourite food if Farrah doesn't have theme song.

Farrah: Waffles!^^

6. And what is [8] opinion about [3] theme song? If [3] doesn’t have a theme song make [8] eats [3]’s wallet.

7. [5] has a drink in a bar and discovers [10] is a strip dancer.

8. So [5] was completely wasted and wakes up in bed next to… [9] and [1]?!

9. Something exploded and now [2], [6] and [8] are gender bended! How do they react?

10. [1] suddenly feels an urge to chase after unicorns. What do [3] do to help him/her?

11. [4] is getting married to a rainbow dinosaur. How did it happen? Does [7] do anything about it?

12. [8] is being chased by evil toys in a locked toy factory with a pen as his/her only weapon. Does he/she survive through the night?

13. [5], [7] and [10] is having a picnic. Suddenly a giant pink donut falls out from the sky. Which one of them is likely to get hit by it?

14. [8] stole [6] most valuable item (or person). What happens next?

15. [10] found a Death Note! Who die?

16. [1], [2] and [4] are stay in [9]’s house while the house is surrounded by zombies! Wait, what do you mean [1] was bitten by a zombie?

17. [7] found a time machine. What does he/she do?

18. [3], [4] and [5] decided to rob a bank. How did it go?

19. Oh no! [8] was hit by a fire truck! Who (in the list) will be the first one to show up in the hospital?

20. Tag someone? If you don’t do tagging, tell me [6]’s dark secret. EVIL Laughter!

For the persons which are participating in TDWAS (:icontdweallstarscamp:) Is the last day to do the challenge! So hurry up!Because you can be eliminated! Good luck!

Challenge:  TDWAS - Episode 3: Million Dollar BabiesWelcome Back costestants to :icontdweallstarscamp:!
 Let's Introduce the next challenge!:D (Big Grin)
This challenge is Based In the Episode 15 of TDA, Million Dollar Babies!
The challenge of today will be based on sports and physical activity, and will be divided the contestants to do the following sports, be creative, and meet, otherwise you could be eliminated, here are the categories!
In this challenge, the participants selected for this category, should be drawn fighting with their respective opponent in the ring!
HEROE: Areana - xLush-Lifex Vs VILLAIN: Dante - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
HEROE: Lilly - AdolfoRO Vs VILLAIN: Destiny - TDSuperFan 
Bakcground you can use: 
In this part the selected contestants will play a badminton game with their respective o

Undone Challenge - Villians:

Ash - edwardmadera 
Mindy - isrrael120 

Done Challenge - Villains:

Matilda - Liliyn 
Dante - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Melania - creepypastajack 
Darryl - iDarrylVids 
Victorio - Yokxymat 
Destiny - TDSuperFan 
Jasmine - Stanishi 

Undone Challenge - Heroes:

Melody - WPammy 
Areana - xLush-Lifex 
Jessica - Carla-Lockwood-Shane (QUIT)
Lilly - AdolfoRO 
Paul - ValerieThePunkGirl 

Done Challenges - Heroes:

Thorn - creepypastajack 
Kristen - The-Queen-of-Glamour 
Ed - Mllermanda 
CJ - Mallory36 
Isrrael - isrrael120 

This is all!Bye!♥


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